Dr. Angela M. Shuttlesworth

The Social Worker for Your Business
Dr. Angela M. Shuttlesworth (DrAMS) is a professor, healer, and the founder of Healthy Villages; a company dedicated to creating healthy communities through sustaining healthy family units. By bringing together her knowledge and experience across multiple disciplines, she developed the “Discovery to Thriving Process” which uses healing techniques and creative empowerment to inspire individuals to co-create healthy communities. Her expertise also includes helping government agencies and organizations to create holistic service solutions from the perspective of the family unit. DrAMS believes that “healthy families = healthy communities”, and is passionate about creating environments, where people feel safe to live, work, play, and thrive. Her current efforts are accomplished by leading successful strategic planning and program enhancement services for government and community agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Born to Fred and Gloria Shuttlesworth, Dr. AMS had no choice but to discover a love of family. With southern roots grounded in Gates Tennessee and Birmingham Alabama her family was a witness to turmoil and also a major part of its progress. Due to her knowledge of self that extends far beyond her as an individual she adopts the African proverb ‘Ubuntu,’ I Am Because WE Are, as a way of life by choosing to create and utilize a “Village” philosophy.

As a Social Worker by training and most of all heart she has served in the capacities of Counselor, Utilization Management Coordinator, Educator, Trainer, Auditor and most recently the Director of Organizational Development for the District of Columbia’s Department of Behavioral Health. After four years of service she recently accepted an Assistant Professor position at Norfolk State University where she equates it to, “coming home to a place you’ve never been.” Prior to this time she served as an Adjunct Professor to Georgia State University and Catholic University of America.

DrAMS welcomes the opportunity to speak to your agency or organization! Speaking Topics include but are not limited to: Creating Healthy Communities, Macro Level Healing, African Centered Social Work Practice, Organizational Development, Community Development, How Theory Meets Practice, Leadership, Data to Action 101 and others…

Ten Fun Facts About DrAMS~ She:

  • Believes that music is her savior and its why she is the first one on the dance floor and the last one to leave
  • Believes that people are doing the best they can with what they have
  • Believes that most businesses miss the mark out of having a culture of FEAR
  • Believes that healthy families equal healthy communities
  • Believes that being a global citizen is the best way to live
  • Believes that people and environments can change
  • Believes that cooking and washing dishes are relaxing and intimate
  • Believes that the best place on earth is always next to a beach with the one you love
  • Believes that our words (thought or spoken) are our most powerful wealth or weapon
  • Believes that relationships matter so we should work to nurture them as they evolve
  • BONUS: Believes that FREEDOM is the best medicine of all.