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A common philosophy is that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail! Sometimes businesses over plan and poorly execute and or cut too soon versus measuring twice to ensure that our businesses’ next move is the best move. All of these quotes, isms and beliefs are indeed true; however it is our job to help ensure that all phases of the process are done in a manner that is truly based off of your business and the clients that you serve. Therefore our company is there to provide consulting services at the various stages of need as we recognize the need for a helping hand during the: Journey of Discovery (Assessment), Healing (Strategy & Implementation), Retooling (Application) and Thriving (Maintenance) phases. Knowing the varying needs of businesses and agencies; see below as we describe our “Ideal Client” and provide additional insight into the services that we provide.


Assess, Intervene & Help Your Business Thrive!

  1. Perform in depth “Journey of Discovery” assessments to identify the areas for need alongside areas of strengths and acknowledging systematic processes that are aiding and or hindering your agency’s success.
  2. Guide the development of a strategic plan that includes Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Time specific strategies that are creative and strengths bases while being easy to execute. We create bites that you can chew AND digest!
  3. Assist your team develop long-term goals that define success and develop ways to track progress.
  4. Develop, facilitate and/or provide trainings that foster healthy relationships between your business and the clients that utilize your products and services.
  5. Train staff on how to use internal and public industry specific data to improve performance and increase profit
  6. Develop unique tools that creatively empower your staff to improve workplace dynamics and ultimately impact productivity.
  7. Welcome and encourage a public-private understanding of addressing the needs of the community. We develop unique strategies that are holistic and reciprocity based.


  • Has begun strategic planning operations and is desiring to ensure that it is being operationalized effectively.
  • Is one that desires to ensure its staff are equipped to fulfill the mission of the agency with resources and strategies that work.
  • Desires change and knows that investing in its staff and business is an avenue for success.
  • Wants to increase their profit, performance and power.
  • Understands that a multi-layered systematic approach of improving operations and increasing sales AND it doesn’t have to be complicated.
  • Demands the best for their clients and realizes the impacts of their products and services on the communities in which their clients reside.
  • Is ready to gain a better understanding of their clients’ needs on varying dimensions such as: biological, psychological, social, spiritual, cultural, financial, sexual and political health… You heard us correctly; we said political health!
  • Understands that it ALL matters and investing the time to assess their operations will ensure that their outcomes are of excellence.
  • Is excited about change and is looking for a remedy that works!


Through our work with businesses we seek to create HEALTHY work environments that will impact the way consumers receive services and thus they will have happier lives as well. We are creating a ripple effect of health and wellness and it is through these cornerstone approaches that we will accomplish our goal of healing the world.


Many of the failures found within businesses and organizations are centered on their planning process. Whether it’s over planning, not planning enough and or not planning at all the process of planning says a lot! Our process goes beyond employing the right strategy but it includes ensuring you have the right players at the right time and are cognizant of how to find your way back to the “parking lot” where a lot of our needs and ideas go to retreat but are never revisited again. We also build in processes that enable you to track your success along the way while remembering that strategic planning is an ongoing effort and not a one-time function. With respect to your process and operations we are confident that we are able to enhance your strategic planning process in a way that is intentional, adds color and leaves your team EMPOWERED to be the vibrant HEALTHY business that you desire and deserve to be.


Our gift is helping your business or organization understand the desires and needs of your client. From a holistic view of their experience over time we are able to focus on the outcomes that are relevant and directly linked to your overall mission and vision. Although adjusting to the tides is essential for remaining “relevant” in your specific field its vital to also ensure that you are mastering your desired lane and creating an environment that is clear for your employees as well. Through clear systematic process that identify the right players and the right times for inclusion you are sure to arrive at a product or service that your client and community will embrace while telling others of their great experience as well. In addition, we focus on your WHAT and most of all your HOW as the process of receiving the service is just as important as the energy and resources that were used to create it.


CREATIVE EMPOWERMENT is the cornerstone of EVERYTHING that we do as we believe that no matter what service we are providing and or what phase of the process you are in it is important that we acknowledge and meet the unique needs of your business AND have fun while doing so. Yes, we said HAVE FUN! The core of a lot of our healing comes from being free to be our authentic selves and use the resources that are around us. Often times talent, tools and resources get overlooked and it is our job to help guide you through the process of growth while also acknowledging the wealth of resources that already exist and finding ways to create new ones as well.


We believe that Healthy Families equal Healthy Communities therefore we encourage and propose strategies that acknowledge individuals’ holistically while also acknowledging who they are as a part of their first institution, their family. Some may wonder why we speak of communities when our company’s name is Healthy Villages. The Village practice is a standard that currently does not exist on American soil; HOWEVER it is our goal to develop them one community at a time. While we recognize that geographically we may occupy the same space and may use some of the same resources; we desire to build the infrastructure of the world by working to ensure that the strategies it develops and employs keep the holistic well-being of each individual AND their family at the center of each decision that they make. By doing so must create and nurture healthy relationships, develop interdependence among and trust at all levels of existence. With each step of progress we will move towards our ultimate goal of HEALTHY VILLAGES.


HEALTHY FAMILIES are the “missing ingredient” in the recipe that ensures success for both your business and the clients that utilize your products and services. Our firm assists your business in developing strategies to adjust and or create ways to empower your clients to be mindful of how utilizing your products or services influences their family members and includes them when possible. Although most businesses and organizations are built upon the pain points of their clients we want to expose you to how to partner with your client as they and their communities grow to a state of bliss. This is a unique process and concept. Knowing this, we realize the importance of celebrations, rituals and grieving and are able to develop experiences for your client around these areas as well. Although this is not “Family Therapy” our approach is rooted in Healing & enables your business to begin its journey to being HEALTHY while doing the same for your clients as well!


It’s important to understand why both Healthy Families and Healthy Communities matter to your business. The video below is a depiction of our perception of how individuals are influenced heavily by their family and their community prior to being a consumer of your products or services. Knowing the influences of their journey is vital to understanding how to plan, market and create products or services that benefit them as your client and impact your bottom line.