How Having a Healthy Workspace Improves Your Performance, Power & Presence

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Many companies, managers and team leaders fail to realize how important of a role the employees’ and staff members’ workspace can be. The work environment can have either a negative or positive influence on the quality and quantity of work that employees produce. It can either promote a place that invites employees to want to be there or it can be a place that they cannot wait to run away from. A healthy work environment is more than just bright lights and the latest technology, it is more how the environment makes staff and employees feel alongside the ease of performing their daily tasks. Are they safe, and happy or do they dread coming to work and feel anxious or frustrated while they are there?


Characteristic Of A Healthy Workspace

Businesses that have healthy work environments typically display a more upbeat and positive image. Workers smile more, stress less and the work they produce also reflects this happier tone. When you have a healthy workplace it is considered:

  • Safe
  • Encouraging
  • Empowering
  • Positive
  • Productive


Benefits Of A Healthy Workspace

Providing employees with a positive and safe work environment can produce these results with employees and with the business as well:

  • Increase In Employees Morale
  • Reduce Employee Turnover
  • Increase Productivity
  • Promotes A Team Effort Where There Is A United Work Force
  • Improves Employees Physical And Mental Health, Which Result In Less Absences Or Call Offs.


How To Promote A Healthy Workspace

It can take some effort to incorporate a more healthy work environment especially if the work place has been a toxic environment for a long period of time. A toxic environment or workplace is usually one that lacks:

  • Leadership
  • Cohesion
  • Morale
  • Communication
  • Willingness To Listen


Many toxic work environments tend to be run on favoritism instead of quality and this can be not only damaging for the employees that work there but can have a number of negative effects on the business.


To promote a Healthy Workplace there are a number of steps that can be taken but it will take the cooperation of everyone in the workplace, especially those in the top leadership positions.


1.) In promoting a healthy workplace environment you need to consider the health of the employees first. Ensuring that the workplace is safe to work in will limit the number of work accidents. Providing effective ways to keep the work place clean and healthy to reduce the spread of germs and sickness in the workplace. Implementing a wellness policy will help reduce absences among employees inclusive of staff being able to feel free to tend to their medical concerns as well as taking “mental health” days to regroup, relax and recharge from the hustle and bustle of their j-o-b.


2.) Having the right leadership in place serving as an example for employees to follow influences the environment more than people recognize. The right leaders, managers and supervisors are essential to promote effective communication, teamwork and efficiency BY EXAMPLE.


3.) Implement a code of conduct for the work place to limit segregation, bullying and low morale among team members. The expectation of employees should all be kept high but should be expected from everyone equally. Included is a requirement that protects staff ensuring that they have clear expectations and systematic processes outlined in a manner that is easy to understand and also easy to access.


4.) Perform evaluation on all employees, including management and supervisors. By doing regular performance evaluation you will be able to easily find what needs improvement and what is working to promote a well-oiled process for success. In the same breath you also want to have a clear exit strategy when it is clear that staff are no longer adding value to your workplace and or they have outgrown what you have to offer.


5.) Celebrate the journey of both your staff AND your clients. How you recognize their lived experience says a lot about how they are valued. When staff and clients alike feel valued they will be more devoted to the work that they do for your business and or the services they receive from your business.


6.) One method to reduce staff from being overwhelmed is to create a safe environment where they are able to discuss their projects, challenges and barriers while also seeking the support that they need, without penalty. A vulnerable workspace that minimizes judgement and increases collaboration is surely to be a benefit to increasing performance.


7.) Encouragement is key for a healthy workplace. All members of the staff should be recognized when it warrants recognition and should be encouraged to go above and beyond what is expected of them. Setting up simple rewards systems, holding monthly or quarterly work meeting to give special attention to those who are rising to the performance expected of them can yield a huge increase in work effort, productivity and quality of work.


8.) Giving employees and staff permission to soar will not only create a spirit of thriving throughout your workplace but it will also add to the recognition of your business throughout your field. This is done when you chose to invest in your team through professional development dollars and allow them to travel and present on their creative ideas and expertise. Again, their greatness is tied to you and we want your business to be known as the “Best of the Best.”


9.) Identify strategies that provide a sense of freedom for your employees and staff to be innovative and productive. Trusting their genius demonstrates that you know how to make the right decisions in your hiring process AND it allows them to not feel as though they are being micro-managed due to their inability to do their job.


10.) Get rid of negative energy FAST! Communication is the number one tool to ensure that your profit, performance and power are intact. It is also the tool that determines how long you will succeed in these areas. Using language that validates, fosters partnership and creates simplicity in the midst of greatness is sure to keep you on the right track!


These tips are proven to directly influence your profit, performance and power. For additional tips, view our upcoming blogs AND give us a call so that we can discuss how we can assist you in creating the Healthy Workspace that you deserve!


Also, we would LOVE to hear from you so feel free to comment below or send us an email letting us know how you have begun to create your Healthy Workspace !



Moving Your Business From Being A Toxic Work Environment To A Healthy One

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Toxic work environments can lead to poor performance, low morale, lack of quality in work produced and an overall unhealthy situation for everyone. Correcting a number of common issues that lead to toxic work environment can be a lot of work, but can be easier if you know the contributing factors.

Signs Your Work Environment Is Toxic:

There are a number of signs that can be easily telling if a workplace is toxic or not but these are some of the top three warning signs that the work environment is toxic.

Illness- Physical and even emotional illnesses can be a sign of a toxic work environment. If there is a rise of illnesses in the workplace than chances are the environment could be aiding in this. Illnesses can range from anxiety, depression, cardiovascular problems to an increase in colds, headaches/migraines and stomach upsets. All these can be brought on and increased with high levels of stress.

Lack Of Leadership- When a work place is overseen by immature individuals or has little to no guidelines in place this can lead to a number of toxic scenarios. Not having the proper leadership in place tends to lead to an unwillingness for team members to listen, cooperate and work as a unified force. There is usually a great deal of miscommunication, low support or morale among the workplace, which can be the result of not have a true leader in place.

Segregation- It is not uncommon for many workplaces to have a few ‘cliques’; but when these become a prominent fixture in the workplace this can lead to a number of toxic situations. When the work place becomes too divided there is:

  • more favoritism,
  • criticizing,
  • bullying and
  • a lack of teamwork.

Illness, Lack of Leadership and Segregation are all warning signs, however it is noted that they each directly impact the quality and quantity of work produced as well.

How To Turn A Toxic Environment Into A Healthy One:

Detoxing a work environment will take effort on all parties but, IT STARTS AT THE TOP. The main thing any healthy work environment has is a strong, reliable and model leader. The person who is placed as a supervisor, manager or team leader needs to be able to promote cohesion and group efforts from all individuals. There should be a strong set of guidelines to help promote a healthy work environment. Some things that can be done to promote a healthier work environment include:

  • Having a Strategic Planning Process that Guides the Agencies Direction
  • Regular Performance Evaluation For ALL Staff Members
  • Hold Regular Staff Meetings To Review Tasks & Work On Team Building Exercises
  • Implement A System To Ensure Accountability & Quality Assurance
  • Develop A Guideline For Workplaces Ethics
  • Open The Lines Of Communication at At ALL Levels
  • Creating A Training Policy
  • Having A Process for Utilizing Staff Expertise
  • Add Fun & Spice To The Workplace

Working in a toxic workplace can be extremely difficult if you are at what some would consider the lower level of the business where you have limited to no say or control of how the workplace operates. If you are in this position where no one is addressing these issues and there is no sign of change in the near future it may be best to seek out a new workplace. Toxic work environments can spill over into your personal lives so correcting them or taking yourself out of one is crucial for your own health and well-being.

To ensure that you don’t lose all of your staff in a mass exodus and or to just ensure that you are doing the work to ensure that your staff have the Healthy Workplace they desire and deserve, tune in next week for our blog on “How Having a Healthy Work Environment Improves Your Performance, Power & Presence.”

Holiday Hangover & How It’s Impacting Your Office

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Although the New Year has begun and many resolutions have been made with cheer, we must be aware of what recently occurred for many of your employees. As we know, for many the holiday season means cheery disposition, overly enthusiastic welcoming hugs and an all-around more joyous and happy state of mind. But for many others, the holidays can be a dreaded time of year that can bring about isolation, illness and additional anxiety. It is not uncommon for many individuals who work to want to see the holidays over and forgotten just as quickly as they arrive. For many employees and workers they tend to fall on the stressful side on the spectrum. With end of the year reports being due, evaluations, additional sale demands to meet and more overtime to be worked it is a lot to digest. Aside from all of the additional work stress, there are also a number of personal situations that become heightened and more obvious around the holidays. This can have a HUGE impact and influence on their performance and work.

What Can Cause Socially Imposed Depression Around The Holidays:

The holiday season can bring on a socially imposed type of depression among many individuals as they respond to overwhelming expectations and demands found from media, family, friends, their community and possibly your workspace. Some common factors that these types of individuals tend to experience are:

  • Financial Stress,
  • Feeling Alone,
  • Anxiety from Work Demands.
  • Depression from not having family or close friends near and/or
  • Adjusting to new roles in personal and professional life.

In addition it is very common for individuals who are hired for seasonal work, have been temporarily re-located to another city/state/country, newer employees in an office or work environment or those who just have little to no family close by for the holidays to isolate themselves from the rest of the staff and their work and experience an even heightened level of depressive symptoms.

Social imposed depression will affect how one performs at work. When someone suffers from this it is expected that:

  • Work will begin to fall below the set standard and or their norm.
  • They may lack enthusiasm.
  • They may withdraw from voluntary and involuntary teamwork activities
  • Communication may become ineffective.
  • There may be an increase in absences.
  • There may be disorganization.
  • There may be a loss of focus or motivation.

How To Spot And Reduce Holiday Depression Among Employees Or Staff:

As shown above, Holiday Imposed Depression shows a number of the same symptoms that general forms of depression would cause in individuals. There can be some warning signs that you may be able to address before the behavior becomes out of control. BE PRESENT… Listen and keep your eyes open for these forms of shifts in your colleagues and employees.

  • WHEN YOU HEAR: Complaints of frequent headaches and or a lack of being able to get sleep YOU CAN ask if they are okay and allow them to discuss the source of their pain.
  • WHEN YOU SEE: A lack of interest in their work and particularly portions of their role that they would generally enjoy YOU CAN ask if there is any cause for the shift that they would like to discuss and/or ask what section of the project they would prefer to work on at that time.
  • WHEN YOU SEE: Performance begin to take a negative plunge and assignments are either not turned in, have poor quality of work, and/or the employees are consistently coming in late etc., YOU CAN reiterate expectations with a supportive tone and ask if any additional assistance is needed at this time to ensure their success.
  • WHEN YOU SEE: Displays of anger via outbursts or rage, acting out of character, negative self-talk and/or consistently blaming others YOU CAN acknowledge the deficits and provide positive solutions and/or variations in viewing the scenario. This allows for validation and reminding them that they are not alone while also taking them on a path to a solution.
  • WHEN YOU KNOW: Individuals have recently lost a loved one or lost a loved one during this season in the years past and are coping with a loss YOU CAN reiterate your condolences and ask for what forms of support they need.

Though it may be difficult for most to “barge” into an employee’s personal life when it comes to addressing their behavior it is necessary. For the most part the best way to help individuals cope with the holiday depression is to provide them with the tools to work through it and this includes leaving your door open to talk and come up with an effective plan to help them. If you see more and more of your staff or employees are suffering from these behaviors around the holidays you will want to quickly evaluate the work environment and see what changes can be made to reduce the stress, anxiety and boost the morale in the office.

Lastly, we want to ensure that staff are aware of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and other support groups for mental health and wellness and substance abuse that are offered through your company and or your partners. Be sure to share this information to ALL staff as some staff may not respond as clearly as listed above, however they may also need access to the available resources.

For additional tips tune in next week for our blog on “How to Transition from a Toxic Work Environment to a Healthy One”