Our Healthy Villages (HV) Team is excited to discuss how we can assist business or agency by providing strategic planning, program enhancement, training and organizational development services.

There are several ways that you can contact us:

Email: Info@CreatingHealthyVillages.com

Telephone: (757) 828 -7842 (9AM – 5PM EST)

Detailed Request: Please see options below and select the service that you desire. You will be prompted to identify relevant information to ensure that we make the best use of our time.

Email List: As you see below you can join our email list to receive tools, resources and creative empowerment ideas to help you create your ideal community and agency. You will also receive a FREE Gift as mentioned below!


Should you desire to be a part of the Healthy Villages, LLC Healing Team please send your resume and response to the following 4 questions to JoinOurHealingTeam@CreatingHealthyVillages.com. Responses will only be provided to those persons who have answered each of the following questions:

1) Why do you feel like joining the Healthy Villages Healing Team is what you desire at this time?

2) What experience (formal and informal) has equipped you with the necessary skills for this role?

3) Define Healthy Communication and describe two scenarios where utilizing Healthy Communication would have been beneficial for your success. Include what was done during the initial experience and what you would do differently.

4) Briefly describe your life’s purpose.